Spotlight – QT2 Systems

Cait Snow

Be Well Boston works with many athletic groups, such as QT2 Systems, as well as individuals. We use a variety of sports and deep tissue massage techniques to help our athletes prepare for events, recover from training and races, and rehab injuries to allow them to get back on track as soon as possible.

QT2 Systems is a Boston-based leader in providing personal triathlon, nutrition, and run coaching. Its professional USA Triathlon certified coaches and Registered Dietitians are based in the Boston area and nationwide. Their website site offers personal training and nutrition packages, triathlon and running calculators, training and nutrition tips, and athlete forums. QT2 believes that its nutrition aspects and attention to detail are what separate it from many of the available coaching outlets on the market.

Their team of 55 members for 2010 is composed of elite/professional as well as advanced age group athletes based throughout the country. With podium finishes from sprint to Ironman distances, some of its notable members include:

  • Professional Athlete Caitlin Snow, who boasts an overall win at the 2008 Ford Ironman Lake Placid, as well as a 12th place and 15th place finishes at the 2008 and 2009 Ford Ironman World Championships, respectively.
  • Professional Athlete Chris Casey, who boasts a 13th place finish at the 2009 Ford Ironman Lake Placid.
  • Professional Athlete Tim Snow, who has 20 Ironman finishes to his name, boasts a top 10 finish at the 2008 Ironman Lake Placid and the 2009 Ironman Cozumel.
  • Advanced Age Grouper and up-and-comer Pat Wheeler, who boasts a 28th place finish at the 2009 Ford Ironman Lake Placid, as well as the age group win.
  • Advanced Age Group Athlete Molly Zahr, who won the 2006 Ironman Lake Placid.
  • Owner of QT2, and elite level triathlon coach Jesse Kropelnicki who boasts an 18th place finish at the 2008 Ironman Lake Placid.

Other members include multiple Hawaii Ironman qualifiers and numerous local triathlon winners. Last years team put 10 athletes on the Kona starting line; an astounding 29% success rate across the group of 35 members.

QT2 Systems will offer Be Well Boston customers an exclusive 10% off of their Mission Plan service outlined HERE. This training program includes a detailed personalized periodization plan, daily workouts, forums, coach support, and discounted nutrition services. Sign up for a Mission Plan today! Mission plans can be written for your period of choosing and can include whatever races or logistical challenges your season may bring!