Be Well Boston would like to share the following recommendations of practitioners and businesses that we truly believe in, which we refer to as our community. Please feel free to email us with any questions about anyone listed, or if you have recommendations for additions to our community page!


Local Athlete Blog:

Little Miss Runshine – We are proud to sponsor local athlete and blogger Jessica Miller. Follow her adventures in exercise, nutrition and massage!



Chiropractic care can be a great adjunct to massage therapy. When spinal vertebrae are misaligned or compressed, the surrounding musculature can contract chronically as a result. Releasing the pressure surrounding these joints and realigning the vertebrae can relieve a lot of the spasm associated with chronic tension.


Dr. Mike Santipadri

Dr. Harmony Bell

Dr. Lizzie SobelĀ (Pre and Post Natal Focus)



Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat conditions ranging from anxiety to more serious heatlh problems associated with chronic or acute issues. We recommend trying a treatment to experience how truly healing as well as relaxing this form of treatment can be. Acupuncture is another powerful adjunct to massage therapy and overall health.


Robert Surabian

David Appelton

Josh Summers

Marcy White


Personal Trainer:

Nate Partridge


Yoga Classes:

Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to not only improve flexibility and tone muscles, but also to step out of the stress and confines of daily life to just focus on ourselves for a period of time, which is invaluable in and of itself. We recommend the two following studios, both with different styles. The first is performed in a hot room, which is great for the circulation and stretching deep muscles, an awesome workout with the benefit of relaxing the mind at the same time. The second is a slower flow, more classic Hatha style, taught by who we consider to be one of the best instructors in the area, Barbara Benagh. Check both out and see which one fits your style.


Yoga Crossing (Bikram Yoga)

Barbara Benagh (Slow Flow Hatha Yoga)


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Dave Burns Photography