Be Well Boston has reviews published on multiple sites including Yelp and Google Plus. Our therapists work hard to insure that our clients are receiving the treatments they seek, and their goals are our priority! Below is just a sample of some of our great reviews:


“Katrina and Jim are real miracle workers. I discovered Katrina about 10 years ago when I was having terrible terrible headaches related to back and neck tension. After many hours of massage, and patience, Katrina was able to work out all my knots. Now- I am able to go in once every 6-10 weeks or so for a tune up, and I am good to go!

Katrina and Jim are professional, and thorough. They are also thoughtful, wonderful people. I started as a typical client, and now I consider them friends.

The online scheduler is a huge plus!

Treat yourself. Get a life altering massage.” – Jasmine M

“After having been to several massage therapy places in Boston over the years I settled on Be Well Boston and can’t say enough good things about them. I’ve been seeing both Jim and Katrina for at least 3 years for various injuries and I also recently went to one of their new therapists named Tim and they are all phenomenal. They do a very good job of explaining what their assessment of your condition is and I’ve never once felt as though they were rushing me out the door. They take the time to also explain how I can continue stretching, etc. on my own to help continue to address whatever my issue is.

And on top of it all they’re all cool people.

You won’t be disappointed.” – Duke F.

“Love this place. Have seen Jim, Noah, Natalie and Jenelle. All amazing expertise and techniques you won’t find anywhere else. They are passionate about making you feel better. Highly recommend BeWell.” – Alexander S.

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