Functional Range Release

Functional Range Release

Functional Range Release (FR) is a form of massage therapy developed with the goal of delving deep into the fascial and muscular layers, while also engaging our bodies nervous systems. The basic premise of this treatment system is that the tissue which is responsible for limiting a person’s range of motion is not the muscle as is commonly believed. Rather, motion is restricted due to the nervous system’s control of that muscle. The nervous system’s central mechanism which controls muscle length contains a ‘stretch threshold’ which, when exceeded, triggers a stretch reflex causing the muscle to contract. This threshold is set far beyond what is necessary to prevent injury.

Therefore, while the potential for further movement exists, the central nervous system will not allow this movement to occur. Thus, this ‘safe’ range is not determined by the actual flexibility or extensibility of the muscle tissue itself, but rather is the ‘decision’ of the central nervous system. It is the goal of this form of therapy to simultaneously increase this threshold thus improving range of motion, while developing strength in the new extended range, termed increasing the ‘functional range’.

Trauma, inflammatory responses, surgical procedures and repetitive tasks can create myofascial restrictions that do not show up on many of the standard tests ( x-rays, myelograms, cat scans, etc.) but can cause acute and chronic pain, and therefore cause these discrepancies in communication between our nervous and muscular systems.

Functional Range Release is becoming a standard for achieving full recovery from injury, and eliminating acute and chronic muscular pain.  


Through her training, Monica is able to see and feel where fascial restrictions are located using palpation and range of motion testing. Using Functional Range Release techniques, she can access the deeper layers of tissue and help “reset” the nervous system connection to these areas and facilitate healing, proper function, and therefore pain relief.

Based on the specific findings during the session and for faster rehabilitation, the client will be assigned home exercises meant to replicate the session and create the same type of tissue changes that were achieved.

***Please note, for your first FRR session Monica requires a 60 minute appointment or greater to allow time for her to assess any issues that need to be addressed through discussion and range of motion tests, then time to treat the areas involved. Also, with this type of treatment, the client should expect to be moved often by the therapist while on the table or in a seated position. Athletic clothing is preferred, ie running shorts and sports bras when applicable.

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Functional Range Release

The pictures below show progress for an FRR client who was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. The pictures show the clients’ progress over 2 sessions with Monica (photo 1), then after 4 sessions (picture 2) and then finally 6 sessions (picture 3).  Pain was significantly decreased and range of motion increased substantially with the treatment and home exercises given by Monica:

 After 2 FR Sessions:


After 4 FR Sessions:


After 6 FR Sessions:



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