Test Results Are In!

Vegan diet 1, Cholesterol 0 – well, not quite 0, but definitely less!

I had my follow up cholesterol test on Monday, April 8th and got some pleasing results. Initially I was a bit disappointed as I expected a dramatic change from following a vegan diet for a month and a half prior to the test, but upon further reflection I feel better about the changes.

So here goes. I’ll give my numbers from my last test (pre vegan diet) compared to my numbers from the most recent test:

Total Cholesterol: Pre Vegan = 288, Now = 259

LDL Cholesterol: Pre Vegan = 225, Now = 189

HDL Cholesterol: Pre Vegan = 66, Now = 68

Overall, the Total Cholesterol and LDL numbers still are not where they should be according to guidelines, but a decrease of 29 and 36 points respectively is significant enough that I feel motivated to continue.

I discussed these changes with Jessica, who has helped me with vegan nutrition advice along the way, and she explained that within the first month or so following a change to a new diet, the body must adapt and make slow changes to the way it normally processes food intake, absorption, elimination, etc. This makes a lot of sense as I experienced ups and downs in my body during that last month, specifically a great spike in energy for the first week or so followed by what felt like difficulty digesting for the next two weeks. Things did balance out, however, during the last few weeks or so of the diet.

I definitely feel motivated to continue to follow my own variation of a modified diet to see how low I can get those numbers, but I am going to experiment by adding in a bit of dairy (low fat yogurt occasionally), egg whites, and fish. This is my own adaptation of what I feel like my body needs and what I can realistically feel comfortable living with.

I’ll post another test result some time in the next few months for anyone who’s curious about dietary effects on cholesterol from someone who’s been told it’s completely hereditary, and that statin drugs are the only solution. Here’s to happy eating ☺