Jim’s Gone Vegan Update

Besides not being able to eat meat, dairy, eggs, or fish, this is working out great! Actually, it’s been a lot easier than I ever would have thought to make this change. 


I’ve found that I’m not really craving meat or dairy, or even sweets, which weren’t always a big part of my diet anyway, but it seems that giving the body what it needs for fuel cuts out these other cravings all together.


 Like with other big dietary changes I’ve tried in the past such as a cleanse, giving up caffeine intermittently, or a stint with the Paleo Diet, I felt fantastic for the first week or so, tons of energy, light on my feet, a whole new me! But then the reality of a fairly quick and drastic change kicks in, and the body rebels in small ways.  The best example of this is learning that substituting a lot of beans for animal protein is a good way to become unpopular with those around you, if you know what I mean. If I could only harness that gas imagine the money I’d save at the pump!


 I’ve adjusted for this by adding a daily vegan protein shake (vegan protein powder typically consists of nut, bean, and sometimes hemp protein sources) with either fruit or spinach and almond milk and experimenting with other protein sources such as tempeh, vegan sausage, tofu and nuts. 


 I’ve also cut out the morning coffee and substituted black tea, with the goal of switching to green tea, just to see what kind of energy changes I notice. I have to say that so far, between just one black tea in the morning and this new diet, I feel like I have a noticeably higher level of energy throughout the entire day, and feel a bit more clear-headed as well.


 All in all so far so good, I’m going to keep pressing forward and I’ll follow this up with some suggestions from Jessica Baxter, the therapist who’s helping me along the way with nutritional advice, for ways to slowly transition to this type of diet.  Thanks for tuning in!